Friday, October 10, 2014

Andy Dawkins, Green Party, Minnesota Attorney General candidate

Audio File: here (44:14) 

Co-hosts: David Rasmussen, Alex Gedstad

Guest: Andy Dawkins, Candidate for Attorney General

Taped near Como Lake, Thursday October 9.

Intro and Closing Music by: The Great Datescapade

One thing about the Green Party is that they are consistent.  They weren't for going into Iraq in 2001 and haven't been in favor of the wars there since.  This makes the Green Party unique in American politics.  Another thing that makes the Green Party consistent and unique is that they don't accept corporate money.

Saint Paul has a Green Party candidate for Minnesota Attorney General.  People from Mac-Groveland and Frogtown remember him from his fifteen years as their state representative.  In 1993, Andy Dawkins was considered a strong candidate for mayor of Saint Paul, but ended up losing the primary to Norm Coleman.  A great story teller, you can subscribe to daily recollections of his past personal experiences here.

The Dawkins campaign positions include the following: anti-copper mining, pro-gun control, pro-getting money out of politics, pro-enforcement of laws that help"the little guy", like smaller counties that need the state AG office to take on their cases.  Though he has previously run as a Democrat, Dawkins turned to the Green Party two years ago. He is not impressed by the current DFL AG, Lori Swanson, on these issues and others.

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