Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lena Buggs, Candidate for State Representative, 65A, Green Party

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Co-hosts: David Rasmussen, Alex Gedstad

Guest: Lena Buggs, Candidate for State Representative, 65A

Taped near University Avenue and Western Avenue, Friday October 31.

Intro and Closing Music by: The Great Datescapade

Lena Buggs has canvassed the 65A area four times.  That is a lot of door knocking.  I have personally seen Lena at intersections more than once promoting her candidacy and advocating for issues.  Even with this much presence, does she have a chance to beat an incumbent DFL candidate?  Why would people vote for a Green Party candidate?

The 65A district is a poor area.  Jobs are the number issue per the people Lena speaks with.  The DFL power base focuses on stadiums and big money projects that don't directly relate to jobs and the needs of lower income people (unless you believe in Ronald Reagan's old theories).  Many times, the policies are "pretend progressive."  Should we be  building new "affordable housing" at $700-$900 per month near the train or should we focus on "sustainable housing" by repairing and utilizing the 1226 vacant houses in District 65A?

This isn't about being the left-most candidate.  There are issues where Lena would caucus with the Republicans.  How do we work on the problems of the people, most of whom are outside of the current power base?

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