Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pat Dean, St. Paul Port Authority Whistleblower and IP Candiate for State Auditor

Audio File: here  (42:23) and on SPIF

Co-hosts: David Rasmussen, Alex Gedstad

Guest: Pat Dean, IP Candidate for State Auditor

Taped on the shore of Lake Elmo, Friday September 19.

Intro and Closing Music by: The Great Datescapade
In 1985 or 1986, under Arne Carlson, the St. Paul Port Authority was audited. State auditors once enforced high standards upon municipalities.
Since then, $35 million plus of funds was diverted as per a settlement of a case before the Minnesota Supreme Court, 2011. This is one of the largest bond losses for bond holders in the history of Minnesota. When a whistle blower sends the documents, does that mean that a Republican state auditor (Judi Dutcher) or a Democratic state auditor (Rebecca Otto) will take on the work? Not per the personal experience of former Port Authority employee and whistle blower, Pat Dean.

Pat Dean, with his 8000 pages of documents and ten audio tapes, seems the prototypical CPA. He found that documents weren't so relevant as personal relationships between party officials. Just how buddy-buddy are our elected officials? There is a story here where perhaps our friends at Reuters or NY Times might want to follow up. In the meantime, there is an election going on. The whistle blower is Independence Party candidate for Minnesota state auditor.

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