Monday, January 12, 2015

Rebecca Noecker, Ward 2 Candidate for City Council

Audio File:  here  (37:45) and at SPIF

Co-hosts: David Rasmussen, Alex Gedstad

Guest: Rebecca Noecker, Ward 2 candidate for City Council

Taped at Tracks, University and Prior, Sunday, January 11, 2015

Intro and Closing Music by: The Great Datescapade

Caucuses are coming soon.  Ward 2 and Ward 7 are open positions where the incumbents are not seeking reelection.  A goal of This Scene is to interview each of the candidates such that this an an open process where voters have a chance to hear each of the candidates in their own words.

Rebecca Noecker got back to us first, and has set a high bar for the other candidates to try to match.

All candidates who have a message they wish to articulate are welcome to appear on This Scene.   The messages of the candidates would be good to hear before the elections.

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