Monday, January 26, 2015

Cara Martner, Independence Party Candidate for City Council, Ward 2

Audio File:  here  (30:03) and at SPIF

Co-hosts: David Rasmussen, Alex Gedstad

Guest: Cara Martner, Ward 2 candidate for City Council

Taped at Nina's, Western and Selby, Sunday, January 25, 2015

Intro and Closing Music by: The Great Datescapade

Cara Martner is the presumed Independence Party candidate for Ward 2 and will be on the ballot in November.  Born in Ward 2, she would apply her background in small business, social media and the arts to improve the functioning of St. Paul.

Caucuses are coming soon.  Ward 2 and Ward 7 are open positions where the incumbents are not seeking reelection.  A goal of This Scene is to interview each of the candidates such that this an an open process where voters have a chance to hear each of the candidates in their own words. Maybe, we will even hear from a  couple of candidates twice.

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