Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dai Thao, Ward 1 City Councilman

Audio File:  here (33:57) and at SPIF

Host: David Rasmussen
Co-Host: Alex Gedstad

Guest: Dai Thao, Ward 1, candidate for City Council (incumbent)

Taped at: Golden Thyme, Selby and Milton, Tuesday October 6, 1pm
Intro and Closing Music by: The Great Datescapade

Dai Thao is the incumbent Ward 1 city councilman and is in a contested race.  We talked about his main issues: economic development, affordable housing and public safety.

A goal of This Scene is to interview each of the candidates for Saint Paul City Council, such that this is an open process where voters have a chance to hear each of the candidates in their own words.

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